Movies To See In 2016

It’s a new year, which means new movies! Below are 10 movies I’m looking forward to seeing in 2016.

Finding Dory10. Finding Dory
June 17
Okay, so it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the next Inside Out. I doubt it’ll even be as good as Finding Nemo. But it should make for an entertaining and nostalgic 90 minutes.





The Huntsman Winter's War09. The Huntsman Winter’s War
April 22
When I first heard about this sequel I was skeptical. The original was enjoyable enough, but it was also fairly forgettable. I was ready to skip this one altogether when I learned Kristen Stewart wouldn’t be in it. But since seeing the trailer I’ve changed my mind. Surely the addition of Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain to the cast can make up for the loss of Stewart.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice08. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
March 25
So Man of Steel wasn’t my favorite superhero film. Amy Adams (who I adore!) felt miscast as Lois Lane and Zack Snyder is no Christopher Nolan. But I have hope for the  next film in the DC Extended Universe. Given the number of characters set to debut in it, it looks like a must-see for those interested in the rest of the franchise.



The Divergent Series: Allegiant07. The Divergent Series: Allegiant
March 18
Shailene Woodley is not Jennifer Lawrence, and the Divergent series is not The Hunger Games. However, both are enjoyable in their own way. This is actually the first half of the last book in the trilogy. The conclusion, due out next year, will be the big payoff.



Rogue One: A Star Wars Story06. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
December 16
I’ve been looking forward to this movie ever since I learned Felicity Jones (whom I’ve been a fan of since I first saw I her in Like Crazy) would be in it. I’ve never been the biggest Star Wars fan (I still haven’t seen The Force Awakens) but this is one I’ll definitely have to see in theaters.



Suicide Squad05. Suicide Squad
August 5
This is the DC Extended Universe film I’m really looking forward to this seeing this year. Sure, Will Smith seems totally miscast as Deadshot and I doubt  Jared Leto’s Joker will be on the same level as Heath Ledger’s was. But Margot Robbie looks amazing as Harley Quinn and I’m sure Viola Davis will kill it as Amanda Waller. And who doesn’t love Cara Delevingne?


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them04. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
November 18
I have no idea how Warner Brothers managed to turn  a fictional textbook into a full-fledged movie. But somehow they’ve managed to make the create what looks like one of the most interesting films of the year. And with Eddie Redmayne starring and David Yates directing, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.



X-Men: Apocalypse03. X-Men: Apocalypse
May 27
Nine films in, the X-Men series is starting to feel a bit stale. However, the addition of up-and-comer Oscar Isaac as the movie’s titular villain and the introduction of younger versions of some of the franchise’s original characters should help liven things up. Plus, I’ll watch anything with Jennifer Lawrence.



Doctor Strange02. Doctor Strange
November 4
I confess, I don’t know much about Doctor Strange. What I do know that he is going to be portrayed by an incredibly talented actor, and that I’ve enjoyed all the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. Combine the two and you have a formula for success.



Captain America: Civil War01. Captain America: Civil War
May 6
Of all the films in the MCU, my favorite is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So I’m thrilled that this film was written and directed by the same folks responsible for that one. I have high expectations for this movie and I can’t wait to see where it takes the franchise.




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